Smarter Balanced Calculators: Powered by Desmos

Smarter Balanced and Desmos are proud to offer embedded calculators that are free to students and include cutting edge accessibility features.

Desmos Four Function Calculator


A simple, easy-to-navigate, four-function calculator embedded in Grade 6 math assessments.

Desmos Scientific Calculator


The embedded calculator for Grades 7 and 8 math assessments features basic operations plus advanced functionality.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Scientific, Graphing, &
Regression Calculator

Perform advanced calculations like function graphing and data plotting, embedded in High School math assessments.

Helping every student learn—and love learning—math.

Built with universal design in mind, Desmos calculators provide features and resources for students with a variety of accessibility needs. Learn more about Desmos Accessibility.


Accessibility Features

  • Support for braille. Students who are blind can read and write equations using the two mathematical braille codes used in the United States: Nemeth and Unified English Braille (UEB).
  • Accessible graphs. Students who are blind can create their own graphs in real time and determine the shape of a graph through audio trace. The pitch of the tone increases or decreases depending on the shape of the wave or graph. Students can then emboss their graphs and share print or braille versions with classmates and teachers.
  • Support for screen readers. Fully supporting keyboard navigation, the calculators communicate with screen readers, which voice additional cues to indicate a student’s location within an expression or within a graph (numerator or denominator, superscript or subscript, baseline, points on the graph, etc.). Paired with a refreshable braille display, these features offer students who use braille the same opportunity as their peers to access an online calculator.
  • Colors that have sufficient contrast. The calculators provide support for students who have low vision or students who have difficulty with visual perceptual skills.
  • Adjustable font-size settings. The calculators allow students to adjust font size if they prefer larger print.

The Smarter Balanced Desmos calculators is also compliant with the latest web accessibility standards.

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